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Another healing report from Newday

Another healing report from Newday

Adrian Holloway on July 26, 2019 with 0 Comments

Here’s another story written up online for the first time . . . At Newday 18, Lauren Oldfield (pictured, then aged 14) from Ipswich told us what had happened to her at Newday a year previously. She began by saying: “I was partially deaf in both of my ears from when I was 3 years old. It was my mum who first realised that I couldn’t hear properly.

“My mum asked the teachers whether I could sit closer to the front

“I went to have a hearing test, and I had a hearing test, every 2 months for 10 years. They put these headphones in my ears. They send you a sound and you click if you can hear it.

“In terms of the results from the audiologist, they had this line on the chart, that was average hearing for people and my hearing would always be 3 or 4 lines below it on both of the ears. My right was a bit better than my left, but they were very similar.

“When I was 7 they gave me gromits, which are tiny things to remove the fluid in my ears, but they quickly fell out. I had the problem of too much fluid in my ears. I always thought that I’d have hearing aids for my whole life. But then I came to Newday last year and it’s turned out that God healed me!

“Anyway, since I’ve been healed, my hearing is now normal in both ears. I would say that what I could hear before, if you try to imagine it, it was like if you put your hands over both your ears. That’s what I could hear. Now my hearing is totally normal.”



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