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Interviewing Linvoy Primus at Herts Uni

Interviewing Linvoy Primus at Herts Uni

Adrian Holloway on February 12, 2019 with 0 Comments

Last night I interviewed Portsmouth FC legend Linvoy Primus and then preached a message on the opening night of a mission week at Hertfordshire University. On campus at the Forum nightclub, Linvoy told me about his first 10 years as a professional footballer with Charlton Athletic, Barnet and Reading, and how at the age of 28, he’d achieved his dream, but felt empty inside. At this point, his wife bought a horse, and told Linvoy that the people she’d met at the stables were Christians. Linvoy’s response was: “If they invite you to church, say ‘no'”. But Linvoy’s wife said ‘yes’, and Linvoy’s first visit to church was a turning point. He began to ask questions about Christianity. The same questions he asked his new central defensive partner at Portsmouth FC, Darren Moore. “Darren was 6 foot 4 and when he tacked people, sometimes they didn’t get up afterwards. so I thought ‘how can he be a Christian? But every time I asked Darren a question, he’d go to the Bible, which really annoyed me.” But Darren (who is now flying high as manager of promotion chasing Championship side West Bromwich Albion) was giving the same answers Linvoy was getting from his friends at church, and after much investigating, at the age of 28 Linvoy put his trust in Christ. Around the same time, Portsmouth were promoted and Linvoy made his Premier League debut aged 29. He became a massive fans favourite on the South Coast, and in 2015 Linvoy was awarded an MBE by Prince William for his charity work in the area. Linvoy spoke movingly about the difference Christ had made to him, and how the sense of emptiness was replaced by a tremendous purpose. One hilarious anecdote was a story told by ‘I’m a Celebrity’ winner Harry Redknapp. Just before a home game against Manchester United, Harry walks into the changing room to find that there are only 2 Portsmouth players there. “Where’s the rest of the team” he asks Assistant Manager Joe Jordan. “In the boot room.” “What are they doing in there?” Harry asks. “Linvoy’s holding a prayer meeting!” Linvoy said that at it’s height he even got opposition players involved in pre-match prayer! Quite a turnaround for someone who wanted nothing to do with church. Anyway. last night after our 45 minute interview, I bounced into an evangelistic talk, after which 2 people who are not part of any church, said ‘yes” to Christ, and an additional 7 also not part of any church, said they’d “like to discover more” so it was a great start.



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