Tuesday 18th February 2020
Speaking on fine-tuning in Wimbledon

Speaking on fine-tuning in Wimbledon

Adrian Holloway on February 11, 2019 with 0 Comments

I spoke three times yesterday at my home church, Everyday Wimbledon, on “Glorious in Power” from Isaiah chapter 40 in our “This is your God” series. I had lots of fun with some interactive illustrations looking at the fine-tuning of the universe and also much hilarity with the congregation when it came to going through the genealogy of Jesus Christ with cheers & boos. Another first was one of my children firing an elastic band at me while I was speaking during the 11.30am meeting. This was fair enough, seeing as I’d fired about 12 into the congregation while seeking to illustrate the self-stretching properties of dark energy! I’m now heading off to lead a mission week at the university of Hertfordshire. Tonight I’m interviewing Portsmouth FC legend Linvoy Primus.



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Adrian is married to Julia. They have four daughters. He is based at Everyday Church in Wimbledon, and has written two books, "The Shock of Your Life" and "Aftershock," which tackles the strongest objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.