Tuesday 16th October 2018
Yesterday at The Nieuwe Kirk, in The Hague

Yesterday at The Nieuwe Kirk, in The Hague

Adrian Holloway on October 23, 2017 with 0 Comments

Here’s a photo of me outside The Nieuwe Kirk, where I preached yesterday, home of Redeemer Church, The Hague. Afterwards I took a taxi to the university city of Delft, where after just 8 months, Redeemer already have 120 people gather ing on a Sunday morning, (and still just as many in The Hague as far as I can tell. Sarah Benton did a great job leading worship. In Delft it was great fun to bump into John Bradshaw, who I met on the same day I first met Chris Taylor (who leads Redeemer) this was more than 10 years ago in Cape Town. Back then, Chris was hosting a youth meeting that I was speaking at and he told me that John was moving to London. And when John did, he joined Christ Church, London and he and his wife Kim became a key part of our church. It was great to see John again and to have lunch with Chris & Karin and their family and also Joel Glover, who was until very recently a striker at Lowestoft Town FC and is now interning at Redeemer! It’s amazing to have Julia and our 4 daughters with me on this trip. Super generous of Redeemer to make it possible.



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