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Keziah Pelling’s remarkable healing

Keziah Pelling’s remarkable healing

Adrian Holloway on August 23, 2017 with 0 Comments

At Newday 2017, Keziah Pelling from Newport, South Wales reported her remarkable healing at Newday 16.

Fainting sometimes as often as twice a day, she was facing a lifetime with an incurable condition for which there is no medication.

Speaking exactly a year after she was healed, she said:

“I was in the middle of being diagnosed with POTS, [Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome] which is a condition that causes a lot of dizziness and fainting.

“It started off when I was 12, when I felt dizzy spells every couple of months, but by the age of 15 I was fainting 2 to 3 times a week.

“It was terrifying. I wasn’t allowed to go out alone, I had to be with an adult at all times.

“I was locked in my body and I couldn’t get out and I felt really depressed about it.

“When I fainted, I could be out for 5 or 6 minutes. They had to call an ambulance several times.”

Keziah then said she had been healed when I prayed for healing at Newday 2016, exactly 365 days previously.

I asked Keziah (on stage, in front of just over 7,000 people): “Have you fainted in the last year?”

She replied: “No”

Keziah described how after she was healed, she was given a week-long heart monitor test, which demonstrated her recovery beyond doubt and how she was subsequently discharged.

“You see they [the doctors] had before and after tests. [i.e. heart monitor tests taken both before and after Keziah’s healing]

Commenting on the reaction of Dr Schmidt, the doctor who saw Keziah both before and after she was healed, Keziah said: “The doctor just couldn’t understand the results. You see, the thing is there’s no cure for POTS. I would have had to live with it my whole life. There’s no medication.”

Now aged 16, Keziah spoke about the beginnings of the problem, and how she subsequently went downhill: “I really noticed it when I was about 11 or 12, I was feeling really dizzy, or I’d black out. I thought it was just a teenage hormone thing, but then it started getting worse over the next couple of years. I didn’t tell my parents ‘til I was 13. They started taking me to the doctor. It got worse and then I stated fainting. Initially I was fainting once every 2 months, then it got worse quite quickly, over the space of 4 months, I went to fainting once a week, then it got to every day or even twice a day.”

She talked about living with the condition: “I was housebound. I couldn’t go anywhere on my own. I had to have someone with me all the time. Then they started looking at this condition called POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I had a couple of Electrocardiograms. I had a live heart monitor scan. I could see it on the screen. There was no particular trigger that caused me to faint. I could be lying down and then faint. I attended school as normal but I had to be with people all the time, provided the person I was with knew what to do, (i.e. put me in the recovery position.) Several times I fainted and had to go to hospital (e.g. when I fainted in the street and hit my head). I went into depression about it. I could not leave the house. I couldn’t be in the bath on my own because I could drown. My parents had to check on me constantly. It was exhausting. I couldn’t cope with having no freedom whatsoever.”

Keziah described how she had fainted the day before her healing last year: “At Newday 16, I did faint the day before I was healed. In fact earlier this week, I met the lady who found me last year when I’d fainted. I was put in the recovery position.”

Regarding her healing, Keziah said: “The last time I felt dizzy was about 40 minutes before the big top healing meeting last year. I didn’t fill out a healing [report] card that night cos I didn’t know I had been healed. At the time, I felt a lot of hope because I wasn’t fainting, but to be honest I was still telling myself ‘I’ll probably feel dizzy tomorrow’.

“The way I could tell for certain that I’d been healed is that I went for a week without feeling dizzy. Because before I was constantly feeling dizzy.

Keziah went on to describe how she attended a scheduled hospital visit shortly after she was healed. “So I knew I’d been healed, but I still had to go and see the doctors. Of course, they didn’t know anything about what had happened to me at Newday. When I turned up, they said my healing ‘wasn’t normal’ so they said they would give me a week-long heart monitor. During the week-long heart monitor, I was totally fine of course, nothing happened. By comparison, before I was healed, every hour my heart would speed up. (By the way there is only one medication that can slow down your heart, but of course it’s incredibly dangerous!) So yes, just to explain the week-long heart monitor . . . how it works . . . I had this thing strapped to me for a week. I had it on the whole time, even when I was asleep apart from when I was in the shower. This thing records everything. Dr Schmidt, the person I’ve been seeing for the past 3 years, she looked at it and was saying: ‘I can’t see anything. This has never happened before. It’s a life-long condition it can’t have gone away.’ She was trying to rationalize it. I explained I’d been to a Christian camp and we prayed for healing. Anyway, she discharged me because there was nothing on the monitor, and I hadn’t felt dizzy for 3 weeks. They discharged me.”

Keziah described the past year since she was healed. She said: “I have not fainted in the past year. I haven’t felt dizzy either. Not even once. My head has been clear. Of course, it’s a massive relief for my parents, my family as well. I’m able to go out on my own now. Which is amazing.”

Keziah summed up what’s happened to her by saying: “For my week-long heart monitor test, we were allowed to have a print out copy. So I have one from before I was healed with my heart all over the place and the other one after I was healed, which is a normal heart rhythm. You can’t really argue with medical evidence.”



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