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Blind Eye Healed

Blind Eye Healed

Adrian Holloway on September 1, 2010 with 0 Comments

Annie Humphrey, from Open Door Church, Sunbury reported the following amazing story in August 2010, one year after her dramatic healing when I prayed for the sick at Newday 2009. Speaking to me at Newday 2010, Annie said:

“I’d never been able to see out of my right eye properly, and as I got older it got worse and worse until eventually I wasn’t able to see anything.

“My left eye has always been OK, but my right eye was a different story. At first it was just a lazy eye, you know as a kid. But it started to go downhill. I was told ‘Your sight will never be restored.’

“And by August 2009, I couldn’t see anything out of my right eye

“That was the state I was in when I arrived at Newday 2009. So I was in the healing meeting. You were praying for people to be healed, and nothing happened straight away, but then I just had hope, and later that evening, about one hour later, I noticed it was getting better, and that it was improving really quickly. I got my friend to test me, by holding her fingers up, and asking me to count them. I could see her hand, and I could count how many fingers she was holding up.”

I asked Annie about her various visits to the optician. Presumably they’d been tracking her eyesight as it got worse and worse over the years. It turned out that the most recent appointment she’d had was shortly before she lost her sight altogether.

Annie said: “I went to the optician a few months before Newday, when I could at least still see something out of the eye. At that time, I could only read the first line on the chart, you know the big massive letter at the top. But then after I went to Newday last year when I was totally healed of blindness, I went back to the optician one week after Newday, and could read down 8 lines, and they were like ‘wow’

“Now I can see everything on the opticians chart, except the last line. You know that tiny line at the bottom that’s just like dots. But I can see everything else. It’s amazing.

“When I told them how Jesus had healed it, they actually said: “it is a miracle, there is no other explanation that could explain what has happened.”